Fall Begins

We’ve been scrambling to get the rest of the apples picked. The dehydrator runs day and night making crispy apple rings and we had another cider pressing on Saturday. Unfortunately the old press suffered some damage and will have to be repaired, so that’ll have to be our last pressing for a while.


The goats loved eating the pomace, but most of it went into our composter with straw, leaves and chicken poop.

photo 4

The cider we set fermenting last weekend is doing well. I transferred it to the carboy yesterday and popped an airlock on it. We’ll give it a taste in a couple of weeks once the bubbles die down. We’re also attempting an apple cider vinegar from scratch for the first time.

Hard cider.


Manijeh has been harvesting field mushrooms (don’t worry, we researched them thoroughly). We roasted a few with a chicken last week. They’re very tasty! We should have enough now to make a pot of creamy mushroom soup.


Orin and Atticus helped me plant some more germinated acorns down in the valley. I’ve put in maybe 60 or 70, though who can say how many will survive the winter … or the years of small boys being small boys. I’ll be happy if even a handful make it to maturity (hopefully I’ll be around to see it). I like to think that maybe Orin’s kids will sit under them one day and watch their Grandpapa hobble around chasing chickens.


We picked up half a beef from Mr. John down the road. 100% grass fed, no grain, no antibiotics, no hormones.   Came out to $2.50 per pound. That’s hard to beat. Our pocketbook is empty, but our freezer is full and our bellies are too. I made burgers last night. Damned fine meat.


We’ll be picking up a turkey and half a pig from a nearby farm next month. We also plan to sign up at a local CSA to get a box of fresh local veggies once a week. Then we should be pretty well set for the winter.


We had a chili cookoff this week. I made a traditional chili with mixed beans and beef, Dianna made pork chili verde, and Gina made a sweet chili with beef, cinnamon and cumin. They were all winners, though I favored Dianna’s.


Here are a few additional pics from the week.

photo 3 imageimage

Loads of love from the top of the hill,

Eric, Manijeh & The Rocket Man

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