The First Harvest

Busy busy!


The days are getting cooler and the trees are starting to turn. We had our first mini frost, so we harvested a small wagon load of apples from the trees around Dianna’s house. She said we could do whatever we wanted with the apples if we’d prune them back a bit, so as we picked I took note of the work that’ll need to be done in late winter. They haven’t been really cared for in years, so there’s a lot of trimming to be done. I’m happy to take the job and I consider it a good trade.

image image image image image


We pressed maybe 16ish gallons of cider altogether and sent some of it off with neighbors. We have 5 gallons fermenting and another 5 bottled and frozen to heat and spice in the cold weather.


We’ve gone out foraging a lot these last couple of weeks as well. We’ve collected loads of rose hips for tea, elderberries for syrup / medicine, chamomile for tea, walnuts, and mushrooms.

image image image image image


Last Thursday I got all my firefighting gear and was officially aced on the roster. The guys are a lot of fun. Mostly older gents with good senses of humor. I feel a bit out of place as they’re all mechanically inclined and have years of experience while I’m more software oriented and know little of the area. They’re patient with my newbie questions and I hope to learn a lot from them. I look pretty funny in full gear.

Tomorrow one of the guys – Mr. John who talks just like Jimmy Stewart – will help teach me the bells and whistles of driving one of the engines which everyone calls The  E1. I’ve driven it a couple of times now, but I only know the bare basics. He’s asked me to redesign the department licenses which I’ll gladly do.


We planted maybe 25-30 oaks (germinated acorns) down in the valley today. I’ve another 30 ready to go for tomorrow afternoon or later this week.


Orin has been surprisingly helpful processing elderberries and rose hips. His patience boggles my mind – especially since he’s usually all over the place.


This afternoon after I dug the last acorn hole, we sat down in the sunshine and snacked on a banana and some smoked baby clams. He’ll gaze off into the distance and get a thoughtful look on his face and then say something about cows or birds or rabbits. He never ceases to amaze me.


The goats broke into our garden area and ate our new plantings: blueberries, honey locust, apple tree, currants, raspberries. I think they’ll all survive, but it was a little disheartening.


We’ve come to love the goats. They’re full of personality and they’ve warmed to us quite a bit over the last few weeks. They’re playful and quite silly. It might be hard to eat their offspring… but we’ll see.


It amuses me that this transition has me working in such opposing directions. I’m designing things that are more technically sophisticated than I’ve ever done before and I’m paid to critique the work of other designers as they try to learn the same skills. I enjoy it, but it is time consuming and occasionally frustrating.


In the evenings, I just want to dive into a pile of dirt to wash away the pixels. Hehe.


It’s not exactly fairy tales and pumpkin spice all the time. The transition from our old life to the new life is a struggle. I’ve received my WA business license and DBA, so Nice Incredible Studio is legit. Paying state, fed, and self employment taxes is fine, but health insurance has been murder on our finances. The Affordable Healthcare Act, whatever you may think of it, will help  with that situation though.


We met with a solar guy and got some quotes for a system. We’re weighing our options and will meet with KPUD to get an idea of cost for running lines to our property. It won’t be cheap.


Still, we’re optimistic when we’re not feeling pessimistic. 😉


Here are a few more pics of the things I’ve yammered about.

image image image image

My apologies for any typos. I’m on my phone and far too lazy to sort back through this to look for misspellings or weird auto-corrects.


I hope you’re well and I look forward to seeing you soonish!



The lantern is one of 6 new oil lamps we ordered from Lehman’s. “For when all other lights go out”…


The cup of white stuff is kefir that I’ve been making every night for the last month or so.

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