Sleeping the Old Fashioned Way

Thoughts on the myth of “8 Hours Uninterrupted Sleep”.

Our culture swings and misses.

Since moving to a rural setting, our little family has unintentionally adapted to a natural human sleep pattern. It helps that, except for over head lights when we cook, we only use low lighting at night. We also use Flux on our computers to avoid cooler wavelengths. If you’re not familiar, check it out here: It’s free.

We all hop in bed around 8pm most nights. I sleep until around midnight and wake to stoke the fire. I usually stay awake for an hour or two tinkering with this or that, stoke the fire again and sleep until the sun pops up. I’ve never felt so rested as I have this last year.

It turns out that this is pretty much the way that humans evolved to sleep. Here’s a very quick TED video which may be of interest.


If you have trouble sleeping, try turning off the wifi signal, blotting out all LED lights and shutting off whatever doodads and gadgetry make electric humming noises. Just a thought.

Everything is an experiment.

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