Hot, flaming mess

Wildfires keep cropping up. We, the Appleton Fire Department, recently got paged out at midnight for what was almost certainly the result of yet another arson.


I returned home at 4am covered in soot and reeking of what I have come to think of as “fireman ass” which is a combination of sweat, smoke, mud, and diesel fumes. Usually I shower. I chose instead to spread my gear in a rough line from the front door to the bed where I collapsed face down, instantly asleep with the door still ajar.

I’m not an especially cruel man, but with all that’s going on – running a startup business, building a house, raising a three year old, preparing for another baby, and trying to plan for future permaculture endeavors – I sincerely hope the culprit is located soon and forced to endure a never ending series of Hallmark Movie Marathons.


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