Moccasins for Manijeh

With one of the hides I tanned, I made a pair of high top moccasins for Manijeh.

It was a slow but fun process. It gave my hands something to do while also providing a chance to clear my mind.

I used a wonderful tutorial I found on paleo planet to get the basics.

I try not to use synthetic material and it sometimes means I have to take a lot of side paths.

Rather than use synthetic sinew (which is a woven polypropylene) I pounded and shredded elk sinew to get enough strands to reverse wrap into a very strong thread. I spent many hours making thread while chatting with friends or riding in the car. It’s quite relaxing and is art art form in its own right. Learning to splice many smaller pieces into one long, seamless piece takes some time to master.





And the happy new owner.


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