Manijeh and Orin have gone to Florida for a month and a half to visit family while I get the house buttoned up and livable.

After a little back and forth with the building department, I’ve settled on a plan, albeit a complicated and difficult one to accomplish.

The usual plan of attack for ceilings and insulation (in a round house such as ours) takes place before the metal roofing goes on. It is far, FAR easier to tackle it all from above. Unfortunately in our rush to get the house out together while we had the help, no one was there to say “Whoa, WHOA! You gotta stop and think this through.”

Be nice and just let me chalk it up to inexperience.

So I rented 25′ of scaffolding and bought 2400sqft of R19 recycled denim insulation. The county requires an R value of 38 for ceilings such as ours. Since there is no R38 denim, I chose to double up on R19 and use a plastic “cardboard” as the vapor barrier. Yes… plastic. There seemed no way around the use of plastic if I want to ever get the thing permitted.

With the help of a friend, I also installed cardboard (of the paper variety) baffles to keep insulation from bunching up and covering the vents above the top plate.


After enlisting the help of friends and neighbors, we knocked out the insulation in about a week. The denim was cut using a circular saw and a jig (template) I made out of plywood.



We cut 108 wedges for the 54 rafter bays and installed them from top to bottom in “pizza slices” with a hard plastic “crust” and two layers of delicious cotton “toppings”.



After that came the tongue and groove which took another week or so of on and off work. Excruciating tedium.


But it does look lovely.


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