Hobbit Hole Part 2

Continuing to tinker with the Hobbit Hole.


I’ve cut and stacked sod (from an area that will eventually be excavated) to make the east and west walls. Both walls have windows made of oak branches.


Each brick of sod is staggered and staked to the layer beneath it. Ideally I’d have two rows of sod per wall, but space is limited due to lack of foresight. Since I don’t have a lot of space, I’ll be reinforcing it all with split log framing which will support the ceiling joists.

Since in addition to hundreds of pounds of soil and plants, kids will be playing both inside of and on top of this structure, it has to be really, really… REALLY sturdy.

NEXT STEPS: digging, framing, making joists, finishing the ceiling (skylight?), sodding the roof, excavating the front and side yard.

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