We spent the afternoon harvesting wild stinging nettles and basking in the spring sunshine.


After a few stings and a little skinny dipping, we headed home to process (wash, soak, trim, and dry) them. If you’ve never had the good fortune of getting a sting, it’s pretty much like getting an ant bite. In both cases the sting is the result of formic acid, which luckily dissipates in the drying / cooking process.


Most of these will be dried, steeped in spring water and drunk as tea throughout the year. Nettle tea is a tasty drink with many health benefits.

After the work was done, Manijeh made a simple nettle frittata. Delicious!


The following night for supper, I made a variation on my usual cottage pie and added a layer of sautéed nettles between the meat and mashed potatoes. To make sure we had enough for a few days, in addition to the usual beef I also added some Italian sausage from our pig share.

The combination was a big hit and I have to say that nettles should always be in Shepherds Pie / Cottage Pie.

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