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Woohoo from the pacific northwest!



We’ve been busy building fences and clearing out an old barn this weekend. Today we picked up two little six month old goats. They’re a meat/milk mixed breed.  These two are does that we’ll breed in a year. The plan is to milk them and raise their kids for meat. Orin named them Banana and Little Big One, or Lil for short.


We have our eye on a flock of 16 chickens next. The neighbor wants to split them with us, so we might pick them up later this week.


I spend 4-6 hours a day working on some fairly intense design projects and then I go get dirty with Orin and Manijeh. I have more work available than I can take on, so I’m feeling relieved. After I wrap up my current projects I want to take a few days off to work on some ideas. I’d really like to build a rocket mass heater ASAP!


The accommodations are a little tight, but we’re working on that.


We had a fellow come out and dig some perc holes so an engineer can check it out next week. Everything looks fine. There’s more clay in the soil than I’d guessed so we’ll be able to start working with cob as soon as there’s time.


More later!


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