Uniformity and the Main Stream

What it means to be mainstream.

Considering the “stream” metaphor.

A stream is defined by its banks. Banks constrain and guide a stream to its destination. In the case of Mainstream America, one might ask “What are the banks which guide my course and what is the destination?” The banks of the main stream are created subtly over time by media and marketing. You know this already.

Time passes.

Decades / generations pass and the stream bed gets deeper and smoother. Soon it seems as if there was never any other path than this smoothly polished one through which most of us travel. The path of comfort.

Tremendous amounts of marketing messages bombard you every day. Culture comes blended and prepackaged. The less you feel it, the smarter the focus group and the better the marketing strategy. http://bit.ly/1hB4xBB

Deep water.

If you have children, you may become interested in how much corporate effort goes into researching the stages of your child’s brain development. Allow me:  http://bit.ly/1pNydQb

You may also become curious to know how your child’s brain works and at what stage does the prefrontal cortex begin to function, filter information and detect deception. Follow your curiosity without a sense of guilt.

Full disclosure.

We still watch documentaries and the occasional movie – maybe 2-3hrs a week with popcorn made on the stove – but we’ve not subscribed to network television for many years and avoid it when possible. Years spent in entertainment industry marketing departments can have that effect. Ask me about it sometime.

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