Polypore Tea

Manijeh began harvesting polypore mushrooms.

Polypores have anti-oxidant,  anti-cancer, ant-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and even anti-fungal properties. Some, such as Chaga, are adaptogenic, which means that it stimulates the immune system only specifically where this stimulation is needed, so doesn’t cause the strong reactions that other immune boosters can cause in some people. Pretty interesting.

It’s important to know that there are no known toxic polypore mushrooms that grow on trees, but it’s still very important to correctly identify your mushrooms.

Our first test subject is an Aspen Conk harvested in the aspen grove in the valley below (you’ve probably seen this grove in some of our photos). So Manijeh made a decoction from this little guy.

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When warm with nothing added, it’s bitter and wouldn’t appeal to many, though we don’t mind it.

When warm and mixed with a little honey, it’s bitter but pleasant.

When cold with nothing added, it tastes like Essence of Dog. Really. It tastes exactly how our dog, Kippen, smells. Manijeh disagrees, but in this case… I’m right.


Final thoughts on this Aspen Conk decoction:

Drink it warm with honey or other spices.


We’ll continue exploring and trying new recipes. It is a fascinating path to research.

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