Making Applejack

Got too many brain cells crowding your noggin? Love apples and a jumbotron hangover? Then applejack is for you!

A relatively simple process.

1. Apples. Lots of apples.


2. Press those apples into cider. Teenage boys with excess energy are useful here.


3. Ferment cider to make hard cider. Recipes may vary. We chose to use wild yeast.

Hard cider.

4. Freeze hard cider.

2013-11-17 20.00.17

5. Separate ice from liquid (alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than the water content). Discard ice.

2013-11-17 19.59.16

6. Drink remaining 80 proof liquid with friends.

7. Spend the following day listening to Red House Painters on repeat while nursing a soul crushing hangover.

8. Vow to never make Applejack again.

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