LIS Holiday Special

Here it is. Our very first Holiday Special.

Dianna hung one of her rag quilts on the wall and then made 25 little mittens for Orin. We filled a mitten every morning with a little toy or treat. It was good fun and Orin was a big fan.

We cut a tree from a nearby fir monoculture and carried it back. Popcorn was strung, ornaments were hung and home made apple cider (both virgin and hard) was tasted. We celebrated the solstice with friends (I dressed as Krampus – photographic evidence below) and gave Orin his Christmas presents from family on Christmas day. A most excellent holiday season was had on The Hill.


2013-12-08 14.39.35
2013-12-08 14.42.16



2013-12-08 14.46.43




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