South Bound


From the window seat of a 737, I watched morning fog pooling in lakes and valleys as the sun rose against Mt. Hood. I love epic views, which I suppose explains why we chose to live where we do.

Manijeh and Orin dropped me off at the airport this morning at 5:30. This is the third time we’ll have been separated for more than a day or so. In a moment of face-melting sweetness, Orin requested goodbye kisses from me. What a fantastic little sleepy guy. There’s an ache in my chest already where their comfortable presence should be.

I loath the process of flying – getting to the plane and making connecting flights. Still, the prospect of seeing my family in Alabama makes the discomfort an acceptable price. This is one small part of the cost of living so far from family. Like … the sales tax part.

I know my mother will be smiling ear to ear and my dad will have a warm grin and a bear hug for me.

I wish that Orin and Manijeh could be there for that greeting as well. My folks do live for their grand babies. Therein lies the true cost which is shared between us.

Too much reflection on this leads nowhere healthy.

Time to sit back and watch the fractals and li pass below.

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