We had a couple of offers on the house right away. We signed the paperwork today and are relieved that everything went so smoothly. We made a little bit of money, but that’ll be spent on storage and moving.

We were able to negotiate a bit and get some of our favorite things back. The buyers don’t seem to care much one way or another, so we picked up our rain barrels and a few other things. Our storage unit is filled, our friends’ yards are filled with plants and stones, and our apartment is filled with all kinds of random bits of a life we no longer lead.

Apartment living feels like everything is fake. Like life is on hold. At least I’m only 3 minutes from work and can save money on food and gas.

I resigned as Creative Director and we finally hired my replacement a month or so ago. So now I’m spending my days documenting projects and wrapping up loose ends.

We’ve looked at a LOT of property online and a few in person. A couple piqued our interest, but nothing of note yet.

It’s a huge relief at having the house sold – and so quickly! Feels like we cut off a great weight and are free to move forward now.

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