31 Oct 2016

Fairy DragonIMG_5246

Skeleton Bear


Orin enjoys his first (preHalloween) sugar cane in Alabama.
2015-10-12 14.04.43

Lonely Brendan mopes in her temporary home.


2015-10-08 19.15.32

Quick reality check. In case anyone ever happens to look through these posts and think “what a perfect life”, please understand that sometimes this is how it goes. Tired? Hungry? Grumpy because dad tripped and busted your favorite pumpkin? We’ve got it all. 2015-10-23 17.01.17

But where one photo op fails, there’s another just on the other side of the pumpkin patch. And suddenly everything’s A-Okay.

2015-10-23 17.03.57

Sorrel Bear is now 1 year old (almost 13 months). The spring peepers and meadowlarks serenade us as I type. Robins and stellar jays chase the Oregon junkos around the yard and the sun has come back into our lives.

After a day working with two local farmers on their branding and labeling, it’s good to get outside and feel the soil under my fingers.

Orin made mulch snowballs and danced in the truck bed. He called it his “Mulch Snowball Festival”. Both of the boys enjoyed themselves as their faces, hands, and feet slowly turned black. Springtime cheer.

2016-04-01 15.18.56

2016-04-01 15.20.25

2016-04-01 15.22.35

Did you know that raw sauerkraut is a famous aphrodisiac? Yep. This batch will be ready on Valentines Day 2016!

  • red cabbage
  • carrots
  • celery leaves
  • ginger

All organic. Because pesticides are not for lovers.

Kraut Time

Here is our neighbor, Fire Chief Bill, plowing a space for us to have some logs delivered for firewood.  That’s almost 3 feet of snow. Plowing or Ploughing