16 Aug 2014



More on this later. . .

The last couple of years have seen an exponential increase in both the count of my grey hairs and the depth of my laughter lines.

Had we known the difficulties lying in wait, we might have changed our path. Then again, we are a stubborn lot and prone to unreasonable levels of persistence.

For as far as I can see, the days ahead will be hard and then harder still. I only hope that our laugh lines continue to grow at the same rate.

2014-08-08 12.59.14-2

2014-07-29 19.50.18-1

06 Aug 2014

Prep work for making a cobb oven. Unfortunately I’m missing photos from day #2 in which we did the actual building. Will have to do some digging.

This class was taught by The Earthen Hand at Wildcraft Studio in While Salmon, WA.






In order to be approved for an Occupancy Permit, one must show that water is available (and tested) on the property. After getting a few quotes, we chose our driller based on referrals and his experience with using nontoxic materials.

We set up a drill date for mid May.

After not hearing anything by mid June, I wrote and asked what was the scoop. His answer was simply “we’re running behind and will get to you.” A phone call later and we landed on “in a few weeks”.

Another month passed with no word.

Yesterday we received a brief email letting us know it’s finally time! Today we start drilling our well.