After an unbelievable amount of internet scouring, hundreds of miles on the odometer, several disappointments and a couple of heartbreaks, on June 2, 2013 we found home in Lyle, WA.


Here’s the short version. (screen goes blurry, fades to white, then fades back into scratchy sepia)

In early June, we made an offer on 20 acres and had some folks come out to survey the site. The results convinced us to back out. Too many expensive problems to tackle.


Dejected, we went to stay with our friends Pat and Gina in the mountains above Lyle, WA (about 30 minutes west of our most recent disappointment) and talked with Dianna, one of the neighbors next door. At first the answer was a kindly “Sorry, but no.” The following morning, she woke me up and walked down the road with me to 8 acres of beautiful gently sloping land right next to our friends! Unbelievable how quickly things can turn around.


I should note that every time we visited a potential property, it was this area above Lyle, referred to by locals as the Top of the Hill, that was our benchmark. We would always say to one another “It’s nice, but it’s not the Top of the Hill”.


So suddenly not only did we have a home site, but we had THE EXACT home site we had dreamed of for the last 7 years.




After working out the details, on June 15th, 2013, Dianna and I shook hands on the deal.


So we jumped for joy, gave notice at the apartment in Beaverton and moved into Pat and Gina’s mobile home beside their house to wait out the short plat process – – for 6 months (we only stayed in the mobile home for a month and a half or so).

In hindsight, our time in the apartment wasn’t all that long, but it felt like forever.


We discovered a natural spring 45 minutes away on Hwy 26 and made frequent trips to fill water containers. The water at the apartment was brown and not especially tasty.


Manijeh’s mother stayed with us on and off. While we all like each other, the tight space made everyone a little stir crazy.


We covered our walls with potential properties and details like well logs, topographic maps, et cetera. These were always pulled down in disappointment.


There were some good times – Orin celebrated his 2nd birthday there – but on the whole it was a difficult time.