In the last two weeks the police have been to the apartment complex pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day. Bomb threats, theft, man hunts, disorderly conduct, drug busts.

Last night’s bomb threat – made against the manager by another tenant – left us feeling pretty rattled. There are some notably sketchy people living here.

No one bothers us, but this place feels about as unsafe as a place could feel. We’re in full on overdrive search mode for property and plan to look at some places this coming weekend.

After a few grueling days of work, we’re officially on the market. Sad to see all the work done to our little house and knowing we wont be able to enjoy it. It looks so cute and clean.

The yard and garden are beautiful, the chicken coop has had time to recharge after a few years of steady chicken usage. The hops are growing all along their woven path and covering the side of the coop. I can imagine a young couple stepping into the yard and falling instantly in love with it.

We said goodbye to the house and drove the half hour to Beaverton feeling relief at being done with this step.

On April 1st, 2013 we moved out of our house in SE Portland, OR and into an apartment in Beaverton, OR.

Thanks to our good friends Geff, Jen, Guy, Dave and Kyle we were able to get our belongings transferred to the new apartment and into a PackRat mobile storage unit.

We’ll continue cleaning and making some fixes to the house.

Todos include (but are not limited to):

– Replace outlet covers.

– Power wash garage, fiberglass roof over back patio.

– Replace dish washer.

– Wash windows.

– Remove custom woodwork from living room.

– Mud & paint the hallway.